All of the facials are tailored specifically to meet each persons needs and can be further customized with exclusive blending serums. A skin type and reading will be done prior to facial services.

Love Yourself First

Treat yourself with something from below!

The Bioelements Facial: $65.00

To deep pore/deep cleanse tissue, and exfoliate, balance and correct. This facial is designed for all skin types and is a basic facial for any one just starting.

Pumice Peel Manual Microdermabrasion: $95.00

This facial will effectively smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Clarify and reduce hyperpigmentaion, retexturize, and rejuvenate the skin.

Acne Clearing Facial: $120

This facial targets non-inflamed acne, (blackheads,whiteheads) and inflamed acne(papules and pustules) you receive a skin reading, then a deep pore cleansing and exfoliation followed by a Mask with anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Pumice Peel Manual Microdermabrasion: $95.00

This facial is to stimulate cell turnover, and to promote skin regeneration resulting in smoother more resilient skin. This peel will dramatically improve dullness and rough texture, that will leave you feeling brighter and tighter all over.

Fast Lift Facial: $60.00

To firm, lift, tighten and smooth the skin. This facial is a great way to get introduced to facials. It takes only 30 mins but has an amazing affect on the skin. Great for a special event or for the client that doesn’t have a lot of time.

The Eye Smoother Treatment: $35.00

The Eyes have it! This Treatment will melt years off of you in just 30 mins. Hydrate de-puff, lighten and brighten those dark circles. This treatment can be done alone or added to any other facial.

Synergy Ultimate Facial: $85.00

This facial is a Synergie exclusive. It will diminish fine lines, reduce hyper-pigmentation, reduce enlarged pores, smooth the skin and increase circulation./

Cellulite Body Treatments: $75.00 (per treatment)

What can they do for you? It can enhance the appearance of your skin while increasing circulation. Thus reducing the appearance of cellulite.The gentle but effective vacuum massage is comfortable and enjoyable.